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KADA Recommended Service Providers

KADA Recommended Products and Services  

Kentucky Automobile Dealers (KADA) offers a broad line of products and services aimed at controlling expenses in every facet of the dealership. Many of these products and/or services are offered through the association by companies recommended by the association’s Board of Directors. These companies are reviewed annually to select the most responsible vendors who can provide special pricing through group buying.

   Dealer Performance Group/EasyCare

Extended Warranty
Brad Geren, 502-472-3671 Email:
Todd Howard, 859-699-7222 Email:         
Kevin Voges, 812-204-2251 Email:



Ensures your compliance with Federal Safety & Environmental Guidelines
Tamara Garris, 704-243-6652 Cell: 704-488-1267
Email: Email:



American Fidelity Assurance Group Disability Income Insurance 

Kathleen Weisenbach, 800-450-3506


Reynolds & Reynolds      Forms and Printing – Provides dealerships with one stop for all

forms & printing

Tim Edwards, 937-416-9868

   American Financial         Credit Insurance Program  
Mitch Thompson, 912-244-9306       

      McNulty & Associates have helped many new car dealers complete
the sale or purchaseof a dealership with complete confidentiality
Pat McNulty, 800-800-4728

  ADMIC                    Automobile Dealers Mutual Insurance Company (ADMIC)
Jon Baughman, 502-489-6131
Email:   gives dealers a more systematic approach to organizing and maintaining internet merchandising across dealer, manufacturer and 3rd party classified sites
Steve Wheatley, 859-481-5034
  BB&T                           KADA’s Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association Medical Plan – Competitive rates and coverage for dealerships
Jim Dingus, 859-422-3883 Email:

 SPEEDWAY                  Receive a discount off the pump price for gasoline purchases at SuperAmerica, Speedway and Marathon
Derrick L Forward 937-668-4727



Dealertrack       Transforming the way the world buys, sells and owns cars.
Chuck True, 859-250-8749

      G & K Services             Uniform Services – Professional Quality Uniforms
Scot Haire, 502-744-3016