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Why Join KADA?


Here Are Ten Reasons . . .

1.    To learn that our neighbors are not competitors, but just other dealers like us.

2.    To create a more cooperative spirit in all phases of our business.

3.    To work together to discourage trade practices detrimental to our economy.

4.    To spread the idea among others in our industry that we must work honestly and faithfully in order to make fair and honest gains.

5.    To work together to improve laws on the Kentucky Statues to insure our future existence, and to prevent laws from being enacted which are detrimental to us as dealers and to the public – our customers.

6.    To have an equal voice with others in our industry regardless of the size or local importance in their individual businesses.

7.    To receive regularly from KADA current trade practices data and other valuable information.

8.    To receive assistance and services of all types from KADA in all matters relating to our business.

9.    To assist each of us to maintain our position in the industry by helping to make KADA a strong spokesman for the industry.

10.  Membership Doesn’t Cost – It Pays!